PA Congressional District Map 2011 vs. 2018 Remedial Map

The 2011 map illustrates classic gerrymandering techniques:

  • “packing”“packing” voters dilutes their power. A district with 70% share of one party’s voters elects the same candidate as that district with only 60% share. The extra 10% of voters “waste” their voting power. opposing voters into a few districts
  • “cracking”“cracking” voters dilutes their power. Splitting 10% of voters from a district with 55% of one party’s share could shift election outcomes to the opposing party. opposing voters into many districts
  • stretching districts toward favored partisan concentrations, ignoring political boundaries
  • carefully fashioning safe seats for incumbents and favored candidates

The 2018 remedial map illustrates reasoned adherence to strong design standards:

  • Most district boundaries follow county and municipal boundaries
  • District shapes achieve recognizable compactness
  • No evidence of packing or cracking

Result:  A more fair and balanced congressional map.

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