In Benninghoff v 2021 LRC, SCOTUS has granted the PA Legislative Reapportionment Commission until September 16, 2022 to respond to the plaintiff’s petition for certiorari. Plaintiffs are challenging the state legislative maps, adopted in March 2022, as violating the 14th Amendment and the federal Voting Rights Act. The LRC convened numerous public hearings, and CCFD members offered public comment and invited expert testimony. CCFD believes the LRC maps are the result of a fair process, and should be left alone by SCOTUS. Stay tuned!

CCFD was honored to host Rep. Joanna McClinton (PA-191), House Democratic Leader, in the spring at a virtual conversation and Q&A on redistricting. Rep. McClinton, together with Justin Klos, Director of Demographics, shared their experiences with the Legislative Reapportionment Commission (LRC) and answered a variety of questions – with reflections on the mapping process and thoughts on redistricting going forward. Pennsylvanians should be proud of the work of the LRC.

Concerned Citizens for Democracy added our perspective to Carter v. Chapman, a case before the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania challenging the legislature’s proposed Congressional redistricting plan. Read the court filings on our Documents and Publications page.

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